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Cellcorder CLC200 Battery Tester (usato) 
Solo Euro 2.500,00 + I.V.A.

Termocamera HSI3000 (nuova)
solo Euro 1.500,00 + I.V.A.

658, Industry-Standard Power Quality Analyzer (Usato)
solo Euro 2.000,00 + I.V.A.

The 658 can be used to monitor power disturbances and harmonics, as well as other sources of disruption like temperature, humidity, and radiated RF noise, making it the ideal tool for field service and site surveys.  

658 features: 

  • True RMS voltage and current meter 
  • Scope Mode, Meter Mode 
  • Event monitor - report by exception 
  • Menu driven operation 
  • Harmonics analyzer 
  • 50/60 and 400Hz monitoring 
  • Cycle-by-cycle disturbance capture 
  • Capture multiple transients and complex waveshapes 
  • 6000 volt impulse auto range 
  • Simultaneous channel capture 
  • Graphic summaries 
  • Zoom in on events 
  • Transducer inputs 
  • Built in 3.5" floppy drive 
  • Dran-View PC analysis and report writer software 
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658 Specifications
Parameter  Specifications 
Voltage and current measurements  4 fully differential channels
One AC/DC voltage channel and 3 voltage/current channels
0-600Vrms; 0-3000A, depending on current probe selected
Accuracy: 1% reading 0.2% full scale 
Impulse measurements  2.4 to 6144 Vpeak
2.4 to 6000 Amps pk
1 microsecond minimum duration 
Sampling rate  7.2kHz/channel for RMS 
1.85MHz/channel for impulse
Frequency  Fundamental range 45 - 65 Hz
Optional Model 658-400 45-65Hz or 310-445 Hz 
Optional inputs  8 independent differential channels
Configurable as voltage or current
0-10Vdc, 0-20mA DC
Sampled at 12.5 Hz 
Environment  41F to 104F
+5C to +40C
Humidity 10% - 90% non-condensing 
Battery  Standard
5 minutes operation typical 
PC Software package  Dran-View 
Certifications  UL, CE, FCC, ISO-9100 
(CE certification for model 658E, UL listing for model 658)
Latest released version  658 FEP V3.1
658 CPU V4.23
658 Front Panel INTFC V1.1 


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658 Typical Applications
The 658's transient capture make it ideal for transformer testing.

Field service of sensitive equipment as well as harmonics surveys are quick and easy with the Dranetz-BMI 658.

At critical sites, the 658 tracks and records every potentially disrupting disturbance. You can quickly identify and solve intermittent power problems.

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658 Options and Accessories
Option  Description  Typical application 
Eight-channel Transducer Module  Allows the 658 to accept up to 8 inputs from external transducers, for trend data on temperature, humidity, RFI, other parameters.
Accepts 0-10VDC or 0-20mA inputs 
Soft carrying case Rugged cordura nylon carry case holds 658, voltage probes, CTs, and manual.
Ideal for field service, utility applications. 
Rugged Shipping Container  Protects the analyzer during repeated shipping.
Conforms to NSTA Project 1A vibration and drop specification.
Includes space for cables, probes, accessories.
Ideal for 658s that are shared between offices or carried in trucks and car trunks. 

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