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Model 1095A/C
Industrial GPS Clock

La soluzione più economica di GPS controlled Clock.
Disponibile sia con con antenna GPS incorporata
che con antenna GPS esterna opzionale.
Precisione del Clock: 250nsec
Quattro uscite di sincronizzazione:
IRIG-B00x (non modulato)
Programmable Pulse A
Programmable Pulse B
IRIG-B12x (modulato)
Due porte seriali RS232 indipendenti di comunicazione
Versione 1095C con Display LED dell'orario
Versione 1095A senza display


The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1095A/C Industrial GPS Clock is a GPS timing source for industrial applications that require common timing signals, such as IRIG-B, 1PPS, and RS-232 serial timecodes, in a small, rugged enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The Model 1095A/C with 250 ns (typical < 100 ns) worst-case accuracy meets the most demanding requirements including synchrophasors. The Model 1095C has a see-through cover with 4 LEDs to monitor operating status and a large 7-segment LED time display. The Model 1095A has an opaque cover. The 1095A/C comes standard with a built-in GPS antenna or can be configured with an optional external antenna.

Four outputs, with terminal strip connectors, provide three high-drive 5 Vdc (250 mA at > 4 V) outputs: IRIG-B00x level-shift, programmable pulse A and programmable pulse B, and one 4.5 Vpp modulated IRIG-B (IRIG-B12x) signals. All of the outputs have substantial drive capability to easily drive multiple loads in parallel. Two serial (RS-232) ports can be used for setup, or for serial timecodes such as IRIG-J. An RS-485 port (transmit only) is also included.

Standard features include a GPS Data Backup Battery, one Form C fail-safe relay, and Event Capture capability. The GPS Data Backup Battery maintains the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data in the 12-channel GPS receiver to speed acquisition. Satellites are acquired in as little as 15 seconds after a brief power loss. One Form C (SPDT) fail-safe relay is selectable to Fault, Unlocked, or Programmable Pulse functions and is compatible with digital fault recorder inputs. The Event Capture records events triggered from the dedicated, optically-isolated input or from either serial port receive line with 100 ns resolution.

The Model 1095A/C accepts nominal 12/24 Vdc (9-30 Vdc) power from battery or other power sources.


Receiver Characteristics:

Timing Accuracy:
Specifications apply at the 1 PPS output, IRIG-B Level-Shift and Programmable Pulse outputs, with US Department of Defense Selective Availability (SA), as of date of publication.
UTC/USNO:  ±250 ns peak; <100 ns typical (SA off)
Position Accuracy:
10 meters, rms, 90% confidence
Satellite Tracking:
Twelve (12) channel, C/A code (1575.42 MHz). Receiver simultaneously tracks up to twelve satellites.
  • 150 seconds typical, cold start
  • 15 minutes, 90% confidence, cold start
  • 40 seconds, with almanac less than 1 month old
  • 15 seconds, with ephemeris less than 4 hours old

I/O Configuration:

Four Total: three high-drive 5 Vdc (250 mA at > 4 V), one analog (4.5 Vpp), terminal strip connectors.
  • Output 1: Programmable Pulse A
  • Output 2: IRIG-B00x level-shift
  • Output 3: Programmable Pulse B
  • Output 4: Modulated IRIG-B
Event Input:
One opto-isolated event capture input with 100 ns resolution, terminal strip inputs for 5 to 12, 24 to 48 and 120 to 240 Vdc nominal input.
Relay Contact:
One, Form C (SPDT) fail-safe, 0.3 A at 130 Vdc; jumper selectable to Fault, Out-of-lock, Programmable Pulse A (PPA), Programmable Pulse B (PPB), Stabilized, and Event-In functions. Fail-safe means the relay indicates "fault" or "unlocked" condition with power off.
Programmable Pulse Output:
Two programmable pulse outputs (5 Vdc), PPA and PPB.
  • 1 PPS
  • Every 1 to 60,000 seconds, starts top of the minute
  • Hourly at a specified offset
  • Daily at a specified time of day
  • One shot at a specified time of year
  • 1 to 1000 PPS squarewave (PPB only)
  • Aux IRIG Mode (PPB only)
Pulse duration is programmable from 0.01 to 600 seconds, except in one-shot mode, where the output is Low prior to the specified time and High thereafter.
Aux IRIG Mode provides an additional unmodulated IRIG-B signal on the PPB output.


1095C Display: 
  • 6-digit LED Time of Day (20 mm)
Status LEDs: 
  • Operate (green)
  • Stabilized (green)
  • Unlocked (red)
  • Fault (red)
Setup (via remote interface): 
  • Local time offset
  • IRIG Setup: Local/UTC/IEEE 1344
  • Daylight Saving Time: On/Off/Auto (Configurable)
  • LED Brightness control
  • Event input: Event/1 PPS deviation
  • Programmable Pulse setup
  • Antenna cable delay
  • Out of lock time: 1 to 99 minute(s), Off, or Zero Delay
  • Auto-Survey
  • Relay Control
  • RS-485 Output
  • Serial port2: RS-232
  • Serial port2: RS-232 (DIP switches)
RS-232:  1200 to 115,200 baud; 7 or 8 data bits; 1 or 2 stop bits; even/odd/no parity (TXD, RXD, COM)
Interrogate mode 
Broadcast modes: 
  • Standard ASCII (IRIG-J)
  • Extended ASCII
  • ASCII with Time Quality
  • ASCII with Time Quality and Year
  • Vorne large-display time
  • Status (output on change of status)
  • Configurable Serial Time Code
  • Event
RS-422/485  Transmit only, to drive multiple devices. Available Signals include: Serial Port 1, Serial Port 2, IRIG-B, PPA, PPB, and 1 PPS.

Certifications and Approvals:

CE mark/label and certificate

Power Requirements:

Voltage:  9 to 30 Vdc, 3 W maximum; negative common; 3.81 mm pluggable terminal strip.


Size:  180 x 120 x 60 mm (7.1 x 4.7 x 2.4 in.) plus cable gland
Weight:  1 kg (2.2 lbs), net
2 kg (4.4 lbs), shipping
Mounting:  4 mounting feet included
Antenna:  Built-in or optional external
I/O Port:  Accepts up to a 16 conductor cable with an OD from 6 mm (0.236 in.) to 15 mm (0.590 in.)
Degree of Protection:  IP65 (IEC 60529), NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12, 13
Operating Temperature:  -40° to +85° C
Humidity:  Noncondensing
EMC:  Radiated susceptibility: passes walkie-talkie test.



Order Number:  Description
1095opt01:  External Antenna



Order Number:  Description
AS0044600:  GPS Antenna Mounting Bracket
AS0048900:  Antenna Grounding Block Kit
AS0049000:  GPS Surge Protector Kit
CA0021302:  2 m (6 ft) RG-6 Antenna Cable
CA0021306:  6 m (20 ft) RG-6 Antenna Cable
CA0021315:  15 m (50 ft) RG-6 Antenna Cable
CA0021330:  30 m (100 ft) RG-6 Antenna Cable

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